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Our consulting services help mark the main directives to design processes and technology necessary to successfully complete the implementation of each project phases.

The phases proposed are the following:

Initial assessment
1. Study of the needs and objectives of the client.
2. Definition of the scope of action.
3. Selection of indicators to be processed.
4. Review of operational standards and assessment procedures affections.
5. Preparation questionnaires if appropriate.

Data collection Data
1. Collection of field data, to evaluate the internal situation and benchmarking concerning the industry and market.
2. Filtering field data.
3. Interviews with process owners, if applicable.
4. Determination of the condition of the equipment against industry standards.
5. Data Collection market and industry for comparison, if applicable.

Analysis and processing
1. Evaluation and comparison of data. Rating synergies indicators, if applicable.
2. Data analysis and improvement opportunities.
3. Evaluation of implementable alternatives.
4. Economic assessment of alternatives.

Conclusions and proposals
1. Cataloging for proposals with the assessment.
2. Establishment of a general framework and possible implementation plan with deadlines and budget estimate, if applicable.