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As a result of continuous technological advances, mergers and acquisitions business and an increase in the demand in computing and storage, Data Center have become a smorgasbord of software, hardware, resources and capacities. However, the operation of data centers is usually seen by the financial areas as a cost and investment in them are reduced whenever possible. This trend forces Data Center managers to make decisions without accurate information about: utilization, performance and rate growth of servers, storage systems, physical space in the rooms and in the racks, efficiency in energy consumption (PUE), etc. For this reason, decisions that are detrimental to the efficiency of the Data Center are not optimal from the cost view.

systam DCIM is a DCIM software solution conceived to maintain supervision and control in real time of the Data Center´s functioning, directly monitoring all components and the management of all maintenance operations and exploitation in a centralized manner which obtains optimum efficiency and high availability. systam DCIM provides organizations with complete monitoring of their Data Centers, with real time supervision of critical information, obtaining efficient management and providing tools for decision making based on precise data. In summary, carry out Data Center management in line with the strategic objectives in terms of efficiency and maximum availability.

systam DCIM is a modular management tool which will enable you to, among other things:

  • Monitor all assets in real time
  • Carry out complete and efficient energy management
  • Control incidences and malfunctions reducing unavailability of services
  • Identify and simulate risks before failures occur
  • Program revisions and maintenance tasks, both preventive and corrective
  • Manage tasks or generated events through alarms
  • Manage and supply IT equipment and technical areas
  • Optimize refrigeration and condensation point management
  • Cost management by area and department
  • Document management and views in CAD 2D and 3D
  • Generate work orders and SLAs
  • Cost management and analysis

systam DCIM is an integrated tool for multilingual, multi-business management which allows you to know the availability of all the Data Center´s resources, maintaining an active inventory, visualizing schemes and diagrams using “SCADA” type dashboards, generating work orders according to the type of incidences, planning technical interventions, preventive maintenance, managing internal and third SLAs.

With systam DCIM, you can measure your Data Center´s efficiency. Automating preventive maintenance and with real time monitoring, having direct control over the costs and resources used. Identifying how and where equipment is malfunctioning and so be able to develop strategies to eliminate the cause of malfunction repeating itself and therefore increment availability time.

Le permite, entre otras:

Create tailor made reports with the indicators that best define quality, service availability or the state of incidences and work orders, among others. Provide your managers with adapted management information and personalized to each department.

Centralized monitoring of all infrastructures in real time using SNMP, Modbus, BacNet protocols proceeding from applications or external measuring equipment such as (energy analyzers, environment sensors, water leaks, PLC, UPS, Generators, etc.)

systam DCIM Help Desk module is a complete solution for Service Desk that allows you to simplify and optimize your operations with customers and users of your Data Center, increasing your productivity and enjoying the best practices of industry. With systam DCIM help desk module you get a centralized tool to manage incidents and service requests to your support department. Allows you to open tickets and assign them to clients, users, operators or technical staff, whether tickets are imported from other applications or automatically generated. It also allows you to set priorities, to assign technical personnel to the troubleshooting, planning interventions and automatically keep users informed about the status of their request. ITIL complete cycle in the resolution, documentation and closing incidents and service requests that concludes with satisfaction surveys to users about the level of service received.

systam DCIM Database allows you to manage the technical, working and contractual documentation. Users and administrators of the Data Center can find the solution to problems in the Knowledge Data Dase. Some incidents often repeat and whose resolution does not require any further than the technical first level intervention. Knowledge Database module is powered from the tickets and information of the ITIL CMDB of assets, and it can incorporate any electronic file, image, or link. The exploitation of data is made easier by a search engine that allows filtering by type of incident or assets. The security associated with each query is likely to be defined at the user level.

systam DCIM can distribute the costs of services of Service Desk, Help Desk, technical support, accommodation, etc., between the departments of your organization and among your customers. Assign to each cost center their spending on IT, both software or hardware. Export that information automatically to your ERP.

Manage contracts with your providers in a centralized way and evaluate the quality of service provided in real time. Assign maintenance contracts with providers in any format (pdf, word) to assets, indicating the main variables of the contract (response times, schedules, coverage, etc.). systam DCIM manages renewals and supervise the Service Level Agreements, SLA, with your providers. Moreover, systam DCIM allows you to set internal SLA for assets or groups of assets.

Management and designation of the priority and level of incidences or service requests. The work order section is a complete ticketing solution which allows you to manage and optimize your maintenance operations, be more effective, optimize tasks and benefit from the industry´s best practices.

systam DCIM allows infrastructure’s geolocation and several drill-down levels for assets on Autocad ® and Visio ® drawings. It also allows to access the properties of each asset on the schema or draft.

Plan and optimize the use of the physical space in your data center including cabinets and  racks. Find the best location for your rquipment based on space availability and requirements (redundancy, network connections or power needs). Scan proactively the impact of any change in location before it occurs.

Alerts fired from the video cameras of the Data Center generate events or tasks, accompanied by the image that generates the alert for better identification and resolution of the problem.

The automation of events is performed by setting the optimal thresholds of each sensor, connected either by SNMP, ModBus, RS485/232, IPMI, or ZigBee protocols. This direct connectivity provides effective management by sending SMS or "e-mails" to groups of users involved in the resolution of the event, prioritizing it when necessary to other management control groups.

Monitor energy consumption and cost as well as efficiency levels PUE, CUE i WUE used through parameter ratios

The connectivity of remote sites is done through the "systam appliance" or SCS, which act as front-office system. They are responsible for sending all data to monitor to the main site or back-office, allowing multiple management of different data centers in a simultaneous, reliable and highly secure way through VPN communications. systam DCIM allows the use of different systems of databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle, using connections JODBC. It is also possible to make a separation by different proprietary environments within a back-office server

The definition of asset properties as well as physical and logical location, availability schedule, technical characteristics, maintenance tasks, auditing, assigning managers by equipment type or areas, programming alert levels and scaled procedures for the management and resolving of incidences or service requests. The definition and characteristics of all assets are incorporated into a data base or CMDB and you will easily be able to establish relations between them to predict the impact or simulation of any change in your infrastructure present or future.