Systam CLOUD

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You can contract systam as SaaS (Software as a Service). In this case you systam be installed on our servers and you and your users will access the application via the Internet, from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone that has a browser.


Is required:


Annual subscription:
• The annual subscription systam CLOUD, in any version, the right to use the Internet versions of systam as SaaS, according to the conditions contained in the subscription agreement.
• Subscription to systam DCIM / BUILDING / INDUSTRY / CITY includes multi-company functionality and basic language. The ability to monitor assets with systam CLOUD acquired through subscription extensions.

SCS (Systam Communication Server):
• It requires a SCS (Systam Communication Server) for each remote site appliance that will be monitored and managed aa with systam.
• The SCS Entry appliance capable of handling up to 100 assets.
• The Advanced SCS appliance capable of handling up to 500 assets.
• The appliance SCS are transferred to the customer, in regime of rent, which includes maintenance and technical support.


The CLOUD of systam version is the most widespread among our customers taking account of its many advantages:
• providing a lower cost represents the full functionality of systam but paying only for the amount of assets it manages, may increase their number at any time.
• High availability and accessible from any location with internet access.
• systam administration and backing up your data, update versions, etc, will be transparent to your Company
• The security access control is performed by systam unique credentials and databases with information about their assets are completely separate and inaccessible to third parties.