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We have a portfolio of specialised apps available in:


Dedicated application for receiving and monitoring events in real time. It allows users to receive real-time alarms from their infrastructures anywhere on their own smartphone and to check the real values of the sensors deployed in data centres, buildings, factories, etc.
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Application designed to facilitate registration and identification either by satellite coordinates or by location (building, floor, area or room) of any type of incident. This application has two operating modes for identified internal users or for public users such as citizens who wish to notify incidents to their local council. This application can be customised according to the corporate image of the company or council.
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Specialised application for infrastructure maintenance workers that allows them to resolve the incident on-site by identifying the hours worked, costs of items used, PPE required, assets used or tools, thus enabling us to extract not only the incident volume statistics but also the exact cost and response times in Systam.
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Add-on application that has two specific functions: The first is to facilitate asset registration at the same place of the asset by adding the identification system desired as well as photos, categorisation and complementary data, brand, model, n/s, state, etc. The second addition is to be able to carry out periodic stocktaking of our infrastructures either to control their location, condition or to fill in their incomplete additional data.
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Specific application to identify in the Data Centres the assets (servers, patch panels, switches, etc) that are located in the racks through AR augmented reality and interact with the data of the assets and know their status in real time on the same screen of the tablet. Only available on iOS.
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