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The productivity of your company depends to a large extent on the availability of your information systems and the performance of your employees depends on the efficiency in the use of technological tools. The satisfaction of technology users depends on the quality of the service they receive when they have a problem; and that of managers and shareholders depends on being well informed about the results of management. Systam is a modular management tool that will allow you to inventory in real time all the microcomputer equipment as well as monitor its use and analyse the applications that are installed.


Systam ITSM is a complete solution that allows you to simplify and optimise your operations with your organisation’s technology users, increase your productivity and enjoy the best practices of the ITIL industry. Systam ITSM provides you with a centralised tool to manage incidents and service requests addressed to your IT department. You will be able to establish priorities, assign technical staff to the resolution of incidents, plan interventions and automatically keep your users permanently informed about the status of their request.


Systam has agents for the different operating system platforms that keep your IT park updated with the possible hardware and software changes that are made in real time.


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Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Automatically manage the assignment and prioritisation of tasks for your technical staff. Balance workloads and classify them by level of expertise.

Keep track of your software and hardware on a detailed and up-to-date inventory.

Evaluate the evolution, availability and location of all your assets remotely.

Through an agent installed on the computers, it allows you to have an updated hardware and software inventory, compatible with Unix/Linux, Windows, MAC-OS.

Both users and system administrators can find the solution to their problem in the knowledge database. There are often recurring issues that do not require technical intervention to resolve.

Distribute the costs of Help Desk and technical support by department. Allocate to each cost centre its IT infrastructure costs for software and hardware. Automatically export the information to your ERP.

Agree with the rest of the organisation your own service level agreements (SLAs) and evaluate the quality of the service provided. Manage contracts with your suppliers centrally.

Automate the management of your IT infrastructure user support and provide a faster, more efficient service. Manage with Systam the allocation, prioritisation and escalation of incidents or service requests.

Receive automatic alerts to your mailbox or phone in case of important contingencies. Exploit and leverage the information generated by Systam to show the efficiency of your management.