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Fixed Assets and Survey

Fixed assets are the assets of a company, whether intangible or tangible, that cannot be converted into cash in the short term and are usually necessary for the operation of the company and are not intended for sale.

Fixed assets are also classified into two groups:

  • Tangible, items that can be touched, such as land, buildings, machinery, etc.
  • Intangible, which includes things that cannot be materially touched, such as patent rights, etc.


Fixed Asset Survey and Inventory is the process of quantifying fixed assets and their general and specific characteristics. Examples of fixed assets in the company include computer equipment, air conditioning equipment, laboratory equipment and everything that remains inside or outside the premises that we need to quantify and that in most cases involves corrective or preventive tasks.

App Inventory

Systam makes it possible to identify individually and “in situ” any type of asset with its exact location, technical characteristics, photograph and state of conservation.

The identification and counting process is carried out in a very simple way through the Inventory App, which sends the data in real time to Systam and in turn allows it to be labelled either by barcode, QR or RFID at the same time as the tasks are carried out.


  • Coded inventory
  • Technical identification (category, brand, serial number if available, name, etc.).
  • Physical location of the asset within the property or by coordinate.
  • State of property conservation.
  • Value
  • Photographic survey of each element
  • Coding of each item placed in the inventory in a database, by means of a conventional or RFID tag.

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