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Increase Productivity

Implementing preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance strategies and improvement plans can significantly contribute to an increase in productivity.

According to DIN 31051, the concrete maintenance activities are preventive maintenance, inspection, repairs, and elimination of weak points.

Maintenance is defined as all measures or activities aimed at preserving the condition of the installations.

Systam enables a global management process through which we periodically add value to the company through the use and care of the assets throughout their life cycle.


The process starts by applying the best practices of maintenance by asset type and scheduling them over time and deploying sound systems either by traditional systems or by IoT sensors in this way we focus on the objective of optimising all resources.

Through asset management it is possible to achieve mainly the following objectives:

  1. Cost reduction in maintenance management.
  2. Increased availability.
  3. Increase in the useful life of the assets.
  4. Decrease in stock (considered as the investment in spare parts and unused machinery).
  5. Learn from historical data behaviour and initiate continuous improvement process using AI.

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