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Energy saving and efficiency measures

In order to combat the negative impact this has on the environment, it is necessary for companies to establish, within their management models, energy saving and efficiency measures.

Therefore, in order to help administrations and companies to put into practice the integration of environmental and social policies in their management models, Systam provides a suite of functionalities from the monitoring of the origin of consumption, tariffs and reporting for the intelligent analysis of the data obtained.

Improving and optimising energy performance

Systam serves as a guide for companies and organisations to improve their energy performance, reducing and optimising their energy.

With this, we aim to alert organisations to the many actions they can take to achieve optimal energy management, for the benefit of their competitiveness and the environment. These actions proposed to organisations are:

  • Less use of energy in production processes or from renewable sources.
  • Products with lower energy use in manufacturing and subsequent use.
  • Use of renewable sources for heat and electricity supply.
  • The own generation of electricity with renewable energies in a company reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and avoids the environmental impacts derived, such as the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or the worsening of the air quality of the environment.

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