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Systam DCIM

“Data Centre Infrastructure Management” is divided into several categories: monitoring, automation, planning, management and implementation.

The first category deals with monitoring and automation of the IT room and the facility’s power, environmental control and security. It helps ensure that the data centre operates as designed and provides user-configurable thresholds for alarms on physical devices, including heat, ventilation and air conditioning. It also reports real-time, average and peak energy use, and measures the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

The planning and deployment software focuses on helping IT managers streamline data centre changes, deploy new equipment for maximum efficiency, and track assets.

 It supports what-if scenarios to help with planning and reduce total cost of ownership.

Systam DCIM 5.0

Systam DCIM helps customers with four key weaknesses:

  • Downtime prevention
  • Lack of remote monitoring and administration
  • Managing multi-vendor equipment
  • Dealing with a large number of sites with limited or no IT personnel

Systam DCIM 5.0 is a next generation DCIM, assisting with proactive incident management by allowing facility managers to gain insight into the current and future state of their environments. For both local and distributed sites, they can get complete visibility and real-time recommendations on how to proactively handle any incidents.

Systam DCIM enables managers to optimise data centres by comparing the performance of their infrastructure with other sites spread across different geographies, and get data-driven recommendations on how to improve.

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