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Responding to eventualities

Healthcare environments are considered highly critical environments, so ensuring that everything works perfectly is essential, from air conditioning, electro-medical equipment to legionella treatment, as a person’s life may depend on it.

This process is not only time-consuming, but also extremely costly. If a platform such as Systam is not in place, the response to faults immediately by alerting the maintenance team and the response to faults is often slow.

Systam streamlines and improves the service and maintenance process. Each of its devices already stores important data on the lifecycle usage of each critical asset. We help Healthcare Centres create an automated process to capture this data remotely, eliminating site visits by field personnel for simple data collection.

Equipment Location

We also devised systems based on IoT technology that connects to the device manufacturer’s existing equipment, avoiding significant delays in implementation and putting an end to costly wired device communication, as well as an indoor location system for any type of asset, allowing the exact location of any mobile element, be it electro-medical equipment, stretchers, etc., to be located without delay in a large hospital.

Data on each device is transmitted automatically, allowing for better maintenance planning and faster remote updates. Immediate identification of problems reduces downtime.

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