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Real-time asset tracking

When GSM trackers are combined with identification beacons installed indoors, they provide real-time tracking of assets, vehicles and people, as well as comprehensive anti-theft protection or visitor management in ZAR zones. This allows for analysis of movement profiles, personnel occupancy, workflow, monitoring of particular workplace or site-wide status (e.g. temperature, humidity); security of hazardous areas, monitoring of emergency situations and management of evacuation procedures. All of the above are applicable in healthcare facilities, factories, underground mines, remote sites, as well as the oil and gas industries.

Main benefits

Transmitting devices that can be active or passive RFID tag type and are installed on vehicles, document folders, or people, when entering a detection zone the Bluetooth beacons that are stationary in different locations of the company transmit their exact position in any type of interior.

The main benefits are maximisation of productivity and profitability, highly improved worker safety and discipline, optimised workflow, asset utilisation, preventive maintenance procedures for heavy equipment or assets, reduced downtime, wastage of company resources, etc.

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