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Complete protection for the worker

Beyond the laws, this equipment covers the whole body of the worker: it protects the respiratory area (either with a mask, filters or mouthpiece); there is eye and face protection (goggles or eye protectors are usually used; face shields and even face shields); the head is another area to be protected (usually with a helmet) and finally clothing and gloves are responsible for preventing damage to the rest of the body, always well complemented with protective footwear for professional use.

Technology that ensures the operator's integrity

Depending on the work to be carried out, Systam informs the operator of the elements to be incorporated and optimal tools for the task to be performed, in the event of non-compliance with these requirements, the work order is temporarily blocked in order to ensure the integrity of the operator.

Using AI technology and through the smartphone or tablet camera, the app can validate compliance with the regulations for the work order in progress.

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