• DCIM - Aprovisionamiento y capacidad
    DCIM - Provisioning and capacity
  • DCIM - Monitorización activa y gestión de alarmas
    DCIM - Monitoring and alarm management
  • Automatización de ordenes de trabajo
    Work Orders
  • Multi IP protocolos
    Multi IP protocols
  • Eficiencia energética
    Energy Efficiency
  • Niveles de servicio
    y disponibilidad
    Service levels
    and availability
  • Cuadros de mando y análisis
    Dashboards and analysis
  • ITSM integrado
    Integrated ITSM
  • DCIM
    Gestión ambiental y energética
    Environment and Energy Management
  • Evolución y costes de mantenimiento
    Evolution and maintenace cost
  • Gestion integrada con proyectos BIM
    BIM integration
  • Gestion avanzada control de activos
    Advanced assets management




Our Values

- The platform is designed taking advantage of the latest technologies, with the flexibility of a three-tier architecture "3-tiers", developed entirely with Java © ensures its future development ensuring the incorporation of new technologies or protocols.

- The "back office" part layer consists of the application server and database.

- The client tier is designed to run on web browsers with the concept "think client".

- Allows redundancy-based service through hardware, virtualization along with "cluster" of the DB systems

- Flexible and scalable licensing according to the needs of each company.

- The licensing mode allows the purchase of license or payment for use through our cloud platform, which ensures maximum security by encrypting the data VPN.

- The Systam platform continues to evolve to provide new functional capabilities following a comprehensive roadmap, the addition of new analysis capabilities, protocol, image recognition, energy efficiency management and preventive maintenance of assets allows Systam meet changing needs of our customers.
- Technology development in Java.
- Security and VPN https
- Multiplatform
- Multi domain (allows multiple company's domain)
- Multi company
- Multi centers
- Management of UTC time events
- Multi language (English, Castilian and Catalan)
- Multi currency
- Ratios and configurable rates
- Notifications of alerts and events by groups / users in real time
- Display alarms in SCADA type visual format
- Integration of standard protocols such as SNMP, ModBus, BACnet IPMI
- Support multi equipment manufacturers. - Possibility of adaptations to specifications
- Integration with IP video cameras
- Recognition of thermal variations through IP video images
- Control functionality permits user groups
- LDAP Integration Client (not available in SaaS)
- User Management (unlimited)
- CMDB i module based on the ITIL ITSM
- Reporting and graphical analysis of the data obtained
- Integration with other ITSM tools and BI market

We promote continuous improvement and innovation to meet the maximum profitability criteria and efficiency.

We do business ethically and with a strategic horizon that transcends immediate economic interests, contributing to economic, environmental and social development of our environment

The flexibility and adaptability of our services to each customer, the quality of them and a professional and friendly treatment, support the trust that our clients dispense us.

We focus our efforts on satisfying our customers and we have to do with a highly qualified team. People who build relationships based on a job well done.