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Systam ANALYTICS is a technological solution for technical data management. The built-in dashboards solve the need for real-time reporting. The application is based on an integrated service of “Business Intelligence” by cubes. This offers a reduced calculation time improving the decision capacity, which provides analysis of critical values in real time. The dashboards offer an excellent operational and competitive advantage to our customers.


Infrastructure management software offers a unique challenge for most companies. Many organisations have implemented environmental alarm management applications, equipment alarms, historical readings and asset management applications. However, most of these deployments are stand-alone applications, tools with no relational database to tie the various data sources together. Many organisations do not have a global view for the efficient management of their day-to-day operations, so most have to resort to complex spreadsheets.


Systam ANALYTICS is based on the technologies of the ® Pentaho framework and the ® Saiku BI viewer, both of which provide great power and flexibility. The OLAP data cubes have been designed to provide a unique and customised view of Systam, to give companies a great deal of insight into their future environments and capabilities along with other key requirements, without the need for costly and time-consuming integrations with third-party software.


The core of Systam is based on nine pillars, which provide intelligent analysis and insight to infrastructure managers with key responsibilities. They must be able to analyse the events of the past and solve the needs of the present to prevent those of the future with full assurance and maximum reliability.


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Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Automatically manage the assignment and prioritisation of tasks for your technical staff. Balance workloads and classify them by level of expertise.

Keep track of your software and hardware on a detailed and up-to-date inventory.

Evaluate the evolution, availability and location of all your assets remotely.

Through an agent installed on the computers, it allows you to have an updated hardware and software inventory, compatible with Unix/Linux, Windows, MAC-OS.

Both users and system administrators can find the solution to their problem in the knowledge database. There are often recurring issues that do not require technical intervention to resolve.

Distribute the costs of Help Desk and technical support by department. Allocate to each cost centre its IT infrastructure costs for software and hardware. Automatically export the information to your ERP.

Agree with the rest of the organisation your own service level agreements (SLAs) and evaluate the quality of the service provided. Manage your supplier contracts centrally

Automate the management of your IT infrastructure user support and provide a faster, more efficient service. Manage with Systam the allocation, prioritisation and escalation of incidents or service requests.

Automate the management of your IT infrastructure user support and provide a faster, more efficient service. Systam can manage the assignment, prioritisation and escalation of incidents or service requests.