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Operational Integration

Most modern factories are equipped with automated processes and robotic machinery, but the lack of enterprise-wide integration and communication of individual operations makes it difficult to control workflows on the shop floor.

Operational integration is key to overcoming efficiency barriers.

Most of the environments analysed had more than 15 applications operating individually, which made real-time visibility of the supply chain and its workflow impossible.

Modern industry needs to modernise its operations to consolidate and align monitoring applications with its ERP business software, Systam allows you to integrate all the data you store and relate it to your business management platform of any kind, our added value of being an official partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions ensures this interoperability.

Real-Time Data Access

In addition to helping integrate operational applications with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, we also provide access to real-time data.

Applying a uniform context to manufacturing data and providing additional composite capability across multiple processes, the interconnected strategy helps the company map common patterns of events by being able to predict production pain points, adapt to changing customer needs and solve problems in real time.

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