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Systam CITY is a software solution designed to maintain real-time supervision and control of a city or campus environment with remote monitoring of all operations through a network of sensors creating a centralised “grid control” to achieve optimal efficiency of managed services.


As more and more people live in cities, urbanisation poses significant challenges to governments and municipalities in the short and long term. A “Smart City” must share its digital and data infrastructure to improve liveability, workability and sustainability. Systam CITY is software that enables cities to have real-time access to critical data to make better, faster and more efficient decisions for their citizens.


Infrastructure and building maintenance in municipalities represents a high percentage of their total costs and maintenance departments are considered cost centres and are valued “for what they spend”. They are not attributed with the possibility to improve their infrastructure environments. This is due to the impossibility of demonstrating with hard data and simulations that greater efficiency is possible through optimal control and monitoring.

Main Features:

With the Systam CITY computerised system, you will be able to measure the efficiency of your infrastructure and maintenance system. Automating preventive maintenance and monitoring in real time, having direct control over the costs and resources used. Identifying how and when equipment fails and thus developing strategies to eliminate the causes of failure and reduce energy costs.


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Systam CITY - Native integration with the Sentilo platform.

#Sentilo was initiated in November 2012 by Barcelona City Council, through the Municipal Institute of Informatics (IMI), for its smart city project called City OS. Since then, the city of Terrassa, the City Council of Cambrils, Diputació de Barcelona, Cellnex Telecom and others joined the project.

Sentilo is designed to be cross-platform in order to share information between heterogeneous systems and easily integrate legacy applications, highlighting the great performance of its database in performing millions of writes per second, which makes it one of the best platforms for storing millions of data from a smart city.

Systam CITY can share information between Sentilo and Systam, using the native connectivity of specific protocols and provides the necessary functionalities in different areas and processes for the management of data generated in a city.


Systam Technology is a partner of Sentilo since 2020 for the installation, deployment, training and integration in Smart city projects through an agreement signed with the IMI of the Barcelona City Council.


Sentilo is a registered trademark of “Institut Municipal d’Informàtica de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona”.



Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Create customised reports with the indicators that best define the quality, status, availability of services or the status of incidents and work orders, among others. Provide your managers with management information tailored and personalised to each department.

Create customised reports with the indicators that best define the quality, status, availability of services or the status of incidents and work orders, among others. Provide your managers with management information tailored and personalised to each department.

Use Systam CITY to manage the allocation, prioritisation and escalation of incidents or service requests.

You will have a centralised tool from which to manage incidents and service requests addressed to your support departments. It allows you to open tickets to customers, users, operators, technical staff, imported from other applications or automatic, establish priorities, assign technical staff to the resolution of incidents, plan interventions and automatically keep your users permanently informed about the status of their request. Complete ITIL cycle in the resolution, documentation and closure of incidents and service requests that concludes with user satisfaction surveys on the level of service received.

The Systam CITY database allows you to manage technical, working and contractual documentation.

The maintenance services can find the solution to problems in the knowledge database, as there are often recurring incidents whose resolution does not require technical intervention beyond the first level. The knowledge database module is fed from tickets and information from the ITIL CMDB of assets, being able to incorporate any electronic file, image and/or link. The data is processed using a search engine that allows filtering by type of incident or asset. The security associated with each query can be defined at user level.

With Systam CITY you can distribute the costs of services among the city’s departments or municipalities. Allocate your infrastructure expenditure to each cost centre. Automatically export the information to your ERP.

Manage contracts with your suppliers centrally and evaluate the quality of the service provided in real time.

Assign maintenance contracts in any format (pdf, word) with suppliers to your assets, indicating the main variables (response times, schedules, coverage, etc.). Manage renewals with Systam and monitor the SLAs agreed with your suppliers. In addition, Systam BUILDING provides internal SLA levels to be agreed per asset or group of assets.

Automatically manage the assignment and prioritisation of tasks for your technical staff. Balance workloads and classify them by level of expertise.

Systam CITY allows you to define maintenance tasks, their association to assets and their subsequent planning, allowing you to define the frequency of the tasks, the associated procedures, the technical staff required for each intervention, the components, the work tools and the necessary safety equipment. The tickets associated with the tasks are automatically generated so that they can be properly planned and assigned.

The work order module is a complete ticketing solution that allows you to manage, prioritise and escalate incidents or service requests, increasing effectiveness by optimising tasks through industry best practices.

Geolocation of infrastructures and drill-down to various levels of assets on Autocad® and Visio® drawings, being able to access the properties of each asset on the diagram or drawing itself.

Plan and optimise the use of physical space. Proactively analyse the impact of any location changes before they occur.

Alerts triggered from building video cameras generate events or tasks accompanied by the image that generates the alert for better identification and resolution of the problem.

Event automation is achieved by simple configuration of optimal thresholds for each sensor, connected either by SNMP, ModBus, RS485/232, IPMI or ZigBee protocols. This direct connectivity provides efficient management by sending SMS or e-mails to the groups of users involved in the possible resolution of the event, escalating if necessary to other management or control environments.

By monitoring energy consumption and costs, as well as the natural resources used, Systam CITY allows you to manage improvement plans with a substantial reduction in operating costs, as well as to break down energy consumption and costs, from a location, down to the asset level, obtaining high levels of ROI. Energy efficiency management in cities is increasingly becoming a key issue. Energy costs are rising and the amount of energy consumed is increasing. Higher power consumption requirements mean higher heat dissipation and higher air-conditioning needs.

Real-time centralised monitoring of all infrastructures through SNMP, Modbus, BacNet, IPMI protocols or from external applications or measuring equipment (energy, climate, water, traffic, PLC, meteorological, etc.). Remote site connectivity is done through the “Systam appliance” or SCS, which act as the front-office of the system. These are responsible for sending all the data to be monitored to the central (back-office), allowing multiple management of different Data Centres simultaneously, reliably and highly securely through VPN communications. Systam CITY supports the use of various database systems such as MySQL, SQLServer, or Oracle, using JODBC connections. It is also possible to separate different proprietary environments within a single back-office server.

Data analysis and the possibility of cross-referencing the millions of data obtained from hundreds of sensors and energy readings will enable the cities of the future to improve in all areas, so that citizens can enjoy safer, healthier and more efficient environments. Systam CITY provides the basic data for a better future.