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DCIM answer

We have developed our own solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) whose scope is not limited to this type of installation but can be integrated into any type of infrastructure.


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We promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve maximum quality based on criteria of profitability and efficiency.


We do business ethically, contributing to the economic, environmental and social development of our surroundings.


We adapt our services to each client to provide quality, proximity and professional treatment.


We have a highly qualified team to provide solutions and meet the needs of our clients.

Systam Features

The platform has been designed with the most advanced technology on the market, with the flexibility of a “3-tier” architecture, developed entirely with Java ©, which ensures that it will continue to evolve in the future, thus incorporating new technologies and protocols whenever new ones are introduced.

The «back office» layer consists of the application server and database part.

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The client layer is designed to run in web browsers with the concept of “think client”.

It allows the redundancy of the service through hardware-based systems, virtualization together with “cluster” of the DB.

Flexible and scalable licensing system according to the needs of each company

The licensing mode allows the purchase of a license or payment for use through our cloud platform, which guarantees maximum security through the encryption of data by VPN.

– Java development technology.
– Security by https and VPN
– Multi platform
– Multi domain (allows multiple companies per domain)
– Multi company
– Multi centers
– Time management of UTC events
– Multi language (English, Spanish and Catalan)
– Multi currency
– Configurable ratios and rates.
– Notifications of alerts or events by groups / users in real time
– Visualization of alarms in visual format SCADA type
– Integration of standard protocols such as SMNP, ModBus, BacNet, IPMI
– Compatibility of multi-manufacturer equipment.
– Possibility of adaptations under specifications
– Integration with IP video cameras.
– Recognition of thermal variations through IP video images
– Control of functionalities permissions by user groups
– LDAP client integration (not available in SaaS)
– User management (unlimited)
– CMDB and the ITSM module based on ITIL
– Reporting and graphic analysis of the data obtained
– Possibility of Integration with other ITSM and BI tools on the market.


Our consulting services help to mark the main guidelines to design the processes and phases necessary to successfully complete the start-up of each project, under the personalized characteristics of our clients.





You can contract the system as SaaS (Software as a Service) and your users will access the application from any device.



In House


You can also hire a dedicated systam server appliance hosted in your Data Center. and you will have the full functionality of systam without limitation.



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